Osterley CC AGM October 2014


Location: Osterley Cricket Club
Date: Sunday the 12th of October  2014
Time: 18:00 to 22:30


  1. Omer Butt
  2. Manoj Prasanga
  3. Yaseen Mughal
  4. Karim Khan
  5. Khalid Hussain
  6. Vimal Odedra
  7. Ali Irfan
  8. Basil Nadeem
  9. Shazia Khan
  10. Khizer Khan
  11. Hameed Ahmedzai
  12. Ishan Kaushal
  13. Ahmed Noor Khan
  14. Raunak Patil
  15. Arun Patel
  16. Kamran Taj
  17. Laeeq Ahmed
  18. Shahzaib
  19. Khalid Raja
  20. Abid Ahmed
  21. Naeem Afzal
  22. Mohammed Masood
  23. Fawaz Qureshi
  24. Adeel Yasin
  25. Wasim Khan
  26. Asim Balouch
  27. Nadeem Chaudhury
  28. Ghulam Murtaza
  29. Nasir Ahmed Noori
  30. Ismail Baharami
  31. Faheem Baharami
  32. Niki Patel
  33. Faris Khan
  34. Ravinder Singh
  35. Orangzaib
  36. Abrar
  37. Asad Shah
  38. Kamran Abbassi
  39. Harpreet Singh
  40. Mineshkumar Patel


The meeting was quorate with 12 out of 17 Committee Members Present


1. Opening:
Nadeem Chowdhry chairs the meeting and introduces the panel.

2. Apologies:
Joyce Clark, Mohammed Qaisar, Dave Paddon, Abid Ali Khan, Mohammed Noori, Victor Carver

3. Minutes from previous AGM:
All previous AGM minutes were briefly mentioned and noted with referencing to current agenda and club progress. It is evident that the club has made huge strides as opposed to the previous year meeting a number of objectives that were set. Points from previous AGM discussed in detail in point 14 (Any other matters).

4. Awards Ceremony 2014:
The awards ceremony was postponed till the end of the AGM with the committees’ consent.

5. Presentation of Chairman’s Report:
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza gave an account of his and the committee’s contributions during the last 12 months and his report covered the following aspects:

– ECB ClubMark Renewal
– 25 Years Lease
– Club Development Plans (Website publication pending)
– New Square Relay
– New Clubhouse Project
– New Practise Nets
– Organisational Structure
– Bar Licence Achievement
– Charity Status Achievement
– Finances
– School Links
– Affiliate Links
– Donations Made By Committee Members
– Club Website
– Club Portfolio
– Natwest Cricket Force Success
– Volunteers
– Grants and Funding
– Equipment and Machinery
– Facilities Hire and Bookings

An October edition of the Chairman’s Report can be read at the following link:

6. Presentation of the Treasurer’s Statement:
Wasim Khan presented the treasurers statement. The following points were mentioned:

– Positive progress of the clubs financial structure from previous years
– Committees’ commitment towards keeping all finances transparent
– Complete subs collection for 2014 accounted for
– All outstanding arrears settled with any legal issues being dealt with accordingly
– Captains to be held responsible for all players in their squads
– Match fees and collections on match days to be continually accounted and deposited in bank account as done in 2014
– Same structure of weekly collections to be implemented going forward into 2015
– Complete sets of accounts to be published on the website for season ending September 2014
– Accounts for season ending September 2013 compiled and published
– The website to allow transparency on subs payments and teams to only be selected from paid members
– Captains to settle complete weekend amounts with management should there be any shortfalls
– Continued support from the committee and adherence to all fees related policies by all members
– Overall 2014 was capped as the best financial year for the club in many years

9. Elections:

i.            President:
Mr. Vimal Odedra (vodedra [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

ii.            Chairman:
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza (
drmurtaza [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

iii.            Club Administrator:
Mr. Omer Butt (
omer [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

iv.            Club Secretary:

Mr. Nadeem Chowdhury (nadeem [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

v.            Treasurer:
Mr. Abid Ali Khan (
abid [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

vi.            Deputy Treasurer:
Mr. Wasim Khan (
wasim [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

vii.            Colts Manager:

Mr. Yaseen Mughal (ymughal [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote, instated by committee during season

viii.            Child Welfare Officer:
Joyce Clark (
joyce [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

ix.            Deputy Child Welfare Officer:
Mr. Mohammed Qaisar (
qaisar [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

x.            1st Team Captain:
Mr. Laeeq Ahmed (
laeeq [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

xi.            2nd Team Captain:
Mr. Karim Khan (
karim [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

xii.            3rd Team Captain:
Mr. Raunak Patil (
raunak [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote, instated by committee during season

xiii.            4th Team Captain:
Mr. Asim Balouch (asim [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

xiv.            Head Groundsman:
Mr. David Paddon (
dave [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

xv.            Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Mohammed Masood (
mmasood [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

xvi.            Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Mohammed Noori (
mnoori [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

xvii.            Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Noor Khan (
nkhan [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote, instated by committee during season

xviii.            Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Fawaz Qureshi (
fawaz [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Re-Elected via block vote

The Osterley CC Committee will now consist of these 18 members and the quorum will be made of an above 50% majority which 10 out of 18 shall be present to complete.

The only 2 changes in the committee were the inclusion of Mr. Yaseen Mughal as the new Colts Manager and a vote of thanks from the committee was given to Mr. Muhammad Qaisar for an excellent season’s achievement with the colts. Mr. Qaisar will now only be involved with the club as a coach, player and Deputy Welfare Officer.

The second change was the inclusion of Mr. Raunak Patel who led the 3rd XI to promotion this year in the absence of Mr. David Paddon who will now continue at the club as a playing member and Head Groundsman. A vote of appreciation was presented towards Dave Paddons’ efforts with the grounds maintenance and the 3rd XI’s progress up until this season.

8. Appointment of Disciplinary Committee:
The current disciplinary committee was retained and block voted for 2015.

  1. Mr. Victor Carver – President
  2. Dr. Ghulam Murtaza – Chairman
  3. Mr. Yaseen Mughal
  4. Mr. Ghafoor Chowdhry
  5. Mr. Khalid Hussain

It was established that the disciplinary committee would meet on a monthly basis and revised policies would be adapted for conflict management and non-compliance. The committee would then report all their findings and publish reports on progress and events. The first meeting of the disciplinary committee would follow the selection committee’s formation and personnel may be subject to change.

9. Appointment of a Selection Committee:
The elected committee took the liberty of instating a selection committee chaired by the standing chairman. The Selection committee is to meet every Thursday night during the season. It is to consist of all 4 adult teams’ captains, the chairman and 3-5 senior club members/players. The selection committee’s tasks include team selection for all 4 adult sides playing on Saturdays and allocation/amendments to team personnel, including captains and vice-captains. The selection committee will also be responsible for setting objectives and milestones for all team captains with evaluations taking place according to the selection policy implemented in 2014.

10. Team selection policy for 2015:
Mr. Omer Butt proposed a team selection policy in 2014 to ensure all players were given the right opportunities with regards to where they should be playing in all 4 adult teams and cup teams for tournaments. This policy will again be fully enforced by the selection committee in 2015. The selection policy will consist of each team having the following three fixed positions:

  1. Captain
  2. Vice-Captain
  3. Wicket Keeper

These 3 positions will stay in their respective teams throughout the season only to be altered should there be any injuries, absences or disciplinary issues.

All other players available for the club to play any league match on the day will be chosen from a pool based on performances and made from only those members who are registered online with subs paid. The best 8 players balanced according to batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders will be allocated to the 1s and the next set of 8 to the 2s, then the 3s and then 4s.

Performances will be evaluated after every 3 league games where the good performers from the 2s will move up to the 1s and the lesser performers from the 1s will move down to the 2s. This process will be duly complied across all 4 teams.

This will give open opportunities and incentives for all players that perform and designate them in the standard of team they deserve to play for. In-turn we will eliminate the bias and favouritism out of cricket and every player will have an incentive to perform and in return be rewarded for it.

This policy was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED and will be in full effect from the 2015 season after a successful trial during the 2014 season.

11. League Affiliations with Middlesex:
Osterley CC will continue to part-take in all current leagues namely:

  • Middlesex Championship
  • Middlesex County Cricket League
  • 1987 Cricket League
  • Middlesex Development League
  • Middlesex Colts Association Leagues
  • MCA Indoor Cricket Leagues
  • Middlesex County Cup
  • Middlesex T20 County Cricket League
  • ECB National Cup (Re-entry)

These arrangements were UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

12. Annual Membership Fee + Kits:
The committee proposed to provide Osterley CC labelled kits along with annual subscriptions. The kits will include OCC whites, a jumper and a cap along with tracksuit bottoms and a jacket, all imprinted with the club logo. This will mean an increase in subs hence the committee proposed the following pricing structure:

  1. Adult Subs – £150 (previously £100)
  2. Colts Subs – £100 (previously £60)
  3. Social Subs – £50 (retained)

The Clubs Pricing Policy can be viewed at the following link:

All changes to the pricing policy were UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

13. Sponsorships:
The chairman urged the members to bring forth any sponsorship opportunities that the club could benefit from. The charitable status will ensure a substantial amount of growth with regards to funding and opportunities would be provided to local businesses and business owners to promote themselves at the club with instalments of billboards and advertising equipment. The chairman also declared there are several sponsorship opportunities already in the pipeline and there is an opportunity to obtain a kit sponsor for 2015. The charitable status is pending and once complete the committee has pledged to bring in plenty of sources of income via sponsorships and donations.

This arrangement was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

14. Any other matters:

i.            A vote of thanks and appreciation from the members and committee were given to Mr. Ali Irfan for developing the club website which has gone a long way to bring in revenue and reform the management structure at the club. Registrations and payments have all been integrated into the site and by 2015-16 we will be completely paper free with all team management and subscriptions handled online.

ii.            Ravinder Singh questioned transportation issues and parents’ involvement for colts games which was met by incoming colts manager Mr. Yaseen Mughal. The colt’s manager will ensure an open and confidential line of communications with the parents to actively engage all stakeholders in taking part and supporting all activities at the club. The first step of the task would be to hold an open day for all parents, carers and guardians on the first weekend of the winter season. Mr. Mohammed Masood proposed the club will be looking to buy a 12 seated coach/van in the near future to eliminate the transportation issue. The proposed vehicle will also double-up as a team coach for away games. Abid Ahmed, Omer Butt and Mohammed Qaisar have already undertaken the Ealing Council Transport course and are licensed/insured to drive the team bus.

iii.            Mr. Yaseen Mughal and Mr. Ghafoor Chowdhry questioned the cleanliness of the clubhouse and the grounds which was met by Dr. Ghulam Murtaza who explained how the adults have to set examples and become role models for all the young people at the club. Each week will consist of home teams to be solely responsible for the tidiness of the club with the disciplinary committee actively engaged with ill-discipline. The chairman also explained the necessity of a cleaning lady who the club will employ as they have done on occasions during the 2014 season. The bar license will also engage the services of a bar tender who will also partake in the tidiness of the clubhouse.

iv.            Hameed Ahmedzai questioned the support given to the colts from the adult members during their games apart from the help they receive from their coaches. Mr. Laeeq Ahmed ensured as the 1st team captain along with the committee that all adult members of the club have a role to play as role models for the young members of the club. An increased support initiative was called for by the committee to help develop our younger players during the 2015 season. The captains are to be made responsible by the committee for their players encouraging and supporting the youth during their games. The committee also pledged to overview the support for the clubs younger players via social media. Mr. Yaseen Mughal agreed to initiate a fully supportive parent’s representation during colt’s fixtures.

v.            Nadeem Chowdhry questioned the committee on what they see as the core strength of the club in the future which was met by a unanimous agreement as being our colts. Dr. Ghulam Murtaza added that colts at Osterley CC will be given every opportunity to progress and develop under the correct guidance and discipline as they have done so over the years with a particular emphasis on discipline going forward.

vi.            The committee agreed that the club nights will now be held at every Thursday to achieve the social objectives. These club nights will be used to allocate teams by the selection committee for the weekend, help out with grounds work, practice, train and socialise with food and drink available to all members. Dr. Murtaza also stated that the committee will seek to employ a fitness coach who will train and exercise all adult members before the weekend games to enable them to be physically fit for the level of cricket they play.

17. The prize distribution ceremony took place and the AGM was then closed with dinner served at 21:00.