A Voice from the Chair (October 2014)

drmurtazaOctober 2014

Dear Members, Executive Committee and players,

Nearly one year on since our takeover of the cricket club I am writing to you today with great pride that we have traveled miles ahead of the point of takeover. Our dreams and our ambitions are rapidly (and surely) becoming a reality.

I am grateful to my team without whose support we would not have moved an inch. Following are our salient features that we have achieved:

  1. A road-map for the club refurbishment is in place
  2. A Bar license is almost granted
  3. A new square has been rebuilt on the main ground
  4. The second square has been relayed
  5. Our players are achieving their true potentials i.e the 2nds have topped the county league division from the first time of asking.
  6. The thirds and Fourth have been promoted to the highest divisions of their leagues
  7. Our colts are now renowned across the cricketing community
  8. Our finances have traveled from reds to green
  9. Our house is in an order such that was never seen before
  10. The clubhouse has been cosmetically refurbished (Carpets, curtains, boilers, kitchen are now presentable)
  11. Our affiliates (Ealing Council, MCB, ECB) are in better relations than ever before
  12. Our colleagues (Cricket clubs) are taking notice rather than dismissing the thought of Osterley
  13. Rivals have become friends
  14. The overall image of the club has been bettered
  15. The communities have started using our facility rather than being cut-off
  16. And there are more and more good things that have happened over the course of this year

I must emphasize that this has only been possible because of a team effort, continuous support from the MCB and Ealing Council. My special thanks are due to Ian Moore, Jonathan Kirby, Andre Wong, Julia Robertson and last but not least each and every member of my club and especially the players.

With this enthusiasm of my team and continuous support from the local community and the officials at Ealing Council I am very confident that our vision and aspirations are only around the corner. I, in the end would like to thank everyone involved in our journey and my request to everyone is that the final destination is yet to come and I would like to request a continuous support and passionate involvement as I have had over this year.

Just to remind you that battles are never finished until WON!

So lets keep the good work up and look forward to making Osterley CC a place that we are proud of and one of the best, if not THE BEST.

With best regards,
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza
Chairman – Osterley CC

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