Osterley CC AGM Sep 2013 – Minutes


Minutes of Annual General Meeting
Friday the 13th of September 2013
Time 19:00 to 22:30


  1. Omer Butt
  2. Manoj Prasanga
  3. Yaseen Mughal
  4. Mohammed Qaisar
  5. Dave Paddon
  6. Karim Khan
  7. Nikhil Kapoor
  8. Khalid Hussain
  9. Sithira Manuwelge
  10. Abid Ali Khan
  11. Vimal Odedra
  12. Irfan Ali Khan
  13. Ibrar Butt
  14. Mohammed Noori
  15. Victor Carver
  16. Fareed-Ur-Rehman
  17. Naeem Afzal
  18. Ahsan Iqbal
  19. Mohammed Masood
  20. Fawaz Qureshi
  21. Adeel Yasin
  22. Ahmed Sirfaraz
  23. Wasim Khan
  24. Asim Balouch
  25. Yaseen Khan
  26. Nadeem Chaudhury
  27. Jinder Sokhi
  28. Salman Majeed
  29. Ghulam Murtaza


The meeting was quorate with 8 out of 13 Committee Members Present


1. Opening:
Karim Khan chairs the meeting and introduces the panel.

2. Apologies:
Laeeq Ahmed, Joyce Clark, Ghafoor Chowdhury

3. Previous AGM:
All previous AGM minutes were briefly mentioned and noted with referencing to current agenda and club progress. It is evident that the club has made big strides as opposed to the previous year meeting a number of objectives that were set.

4. Vote of Thanks:
Acknowledgement of service for the club from the out-going chairman (Shaheen Rizvi) and former captain (Asad Rizvi). The chairman’s resignation was accepted and it was agreed for all correspondences from now on to be handled by the appointed Secretary and a change in the organisational structure was to follow.

5. Administrators Report:
Omer Butt gave an account of his contributions during the last 12 months and his report covered the following aspects:
– ECB ClubMark
– 25 Years Lease
– Organisational Structure
– Bar Licence
– Ealing Three Bridges Primary School
– Club Website
– Grants
The full report can be read at the following link:

6. Treasurers Statement:
Karim Khan deputised for current treasurer Wasim Khan and disputed the un-availability of access to the Bank Account. Financial issues were discussed and a more robust system was proposed to keep all money matters transparent and bank statements to be disclosed to all members where the members will have the rights to question the expenditure. All cash flow and transactions are to be documented from hereon with all records maintained by all members involved.

7. Colts Managers Report:
Mohammed Qaisar gave a detailed account of his involvement with the club in 2012-13. His report covered the following aspects:
– ECB ClubMark
– New Junior Members
– Colts League Standings
– Colts Representation in Borough and County
– New Girls Side
– Further funding and assistance

The full report can be read at the following link:

8. Report of Grounds Incharge:
Dave Paddon gave a detailed account of the strides we have made since last season with the help of Middlesex Cricket Groundsmans Association (MCGA), Middlesex Cricket Board (MCB), Ian Moore (MCB) and Tony Bendelow (MCGA). End of season renovations have been set in motion and machines are to arrive on Wednesday the 18th of September where both squares will be resurfaced and new soil and seed laid. The resources have all been paid for and ordered by the club and the squares look set to perform consistently as they have done so this year.

We have been meeting the scheduled maintenance plan outlined for us by Ian Moore and we have already had a visit from Facilities Representatives from the MCCL and Middlesex Championship; and members of the MCB board. They were very pleased with all our efforts and the look and feel of the square. The most significant quote that came out of this visit on the 4th of September 2013 was that:

“You are light-years ahead from where you were last year, when I visited.”
– Vinny Codrington – Chief Executive at Middlesex CCC.

The main square has been a priority for League standards purposes and a lot of effort has gone into maintaining the square. Qaisar and Manoj were thanked by Dave for their help with grounds work and a similar effort was called for in the following season.

9. Elections:

        i.            Patrons:
New patrons to be instated in the Committee who will also be ambassadors to the club. Committee will decide and allocate individuals from shortlist. There is no agreement currently in place and all suitable candidates will be approached by the relevant committee members.

      ii.            President:
Mr. Vimal Odedra (vodedra [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Karim Khan proposed
– Omer Butt seconded
Mr.Vimal Odedra’s pledge:
“To ensure the club becomes a more welcoming and more social environment and the facilities are improved significantly to raise the bar that is set very low at present. To ensure all matters a dealt with integrity and truthfulness by the committee and make all efforts possible to ensure the longevity of the cricket club.”

    iii.            Chairman:
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza (drmurtaza [at] osterleycc [dot] com)

– Karim Khan proposed
– Omer Butt seconded
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza’s pledge:
“To do each and every effort to promote (Public Relations) the cricket club. To sort out the finances and take over management responsibilities and allow the cricket-side of affairs to be run by the stated personnel such that cricket is not affected but promoted. All management functions shall be made transparent and each and every penny gained or invested shall be used to benefit the cricket club.”

     iv.            Club Secretary:
Mr. Nadeem Chowdhury (
nadeem [at] osterleycc [dot] com)
– Omer Butt proposed
– Fawaz Qureshi seconded
Mr. Chowdhury is to take on all responsibilities of liaising with the leagues, boards, organisations and be the first point of contact for the club taking over the roles previously played by Mr. Shaheen Rizvi (Chairman).

       v.            Treasurer:
Mr. Abid Ali Khan (abid [at] osterleycc [dot] com
– Karim Khan proposed
– Wasim Khan seconded
Abid Ali Khan’s pledge:
“Every single aspect of finance to be fully audited and made completely transparent to the members of the club with God as our witness. Every effort to be made for fund raising and the continuous growth of the club into a more social and welcoming environment. Complete honesty and integrity with the expenditure of all monies along with monthly bank statement updates for all members to inspect and where needed; question.”

     vi.            Colts Manager:
Mr. Mohammed Qaisar (qaisar [at] osterleycc [dot] com
– Noor Khan proposed
– Ahmed Sirfaraz seconded

   vii.            Child Welfare Officer:
Joyce Clark (joyce [at] osterleycc [dot] com
– Omer Butt proposed
– Ibrar Butt seconded

 viii.            Deputy Child Welfare Officer:
Mr. Mohammed Qaisar (qaisar [at] osterleycc [dot] com
– Omer Butt proposed
– Ahmed Sirfaraz seconded

     ix.            1st Team Captain:
Mr. Laeeq Ahmed (mirzalaeeq [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
– Karim Khan proposed
– Asim Balouch seconded

       x.            2nd Team Captain:
Mr. Karim Khan (karim [at] osterleycc [dot] com
– Omer Butt proposed
– Ibrar Butt seconded

     xi.            3rd Team Captain:
Mr. Dave Paddon (eco_bike [at] hotmailc [dot] om
– Yaseen Mughal proposed
– Manoj Prasanga seconded

   xii.            4th Team Captain:
Mr. Asim Balouch (asim [at] osterleycc [dot] com
– Adeel Yasin proposed
– Fawaz Qureshi seconded

    xiii.            Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Mohammed Masood (mmasood [at] osterleycc [dot] com
– Ghulam Murtaza proposed
– Abid Khan seconded

    xiv.            Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Noor Khan (cricket-2011 [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
– Karim Khan proposed
– Mohammed Qaisar seconded

   xv.            Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Fawaz Qureshi (fawaz [at] osterleycc [dot] com
– Omer Butt proposed
– Salman Majeed seconded

 xvi.            Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Omer Butt (omer [at] osterleycc [dot] com
– Karim Khan proposed
– Abid Khan seconded

The Osterley CC Committee will now consist of these 16 members (considering one to-be-decided Patron) and the quorum will be made of an above 50% majority where 9 out of 16 shall be present.

10. Appointment of Disciplinary Committee:

i.            Victor Carver – President
ii.            Yaseen Mughal
iii.            Ghafoor Chowdhury
iv.            Khalid Hussain
v.            Ghulam Murtaza – Chairman

11. Team selection policy for 2014:
Omer Butt proposed a rotation policy to ensure all players were given the right opportunities with regards to where they should be playing in our 4 adult teams’ set-up. The rotation policy will consist of each team having the following three fixed positions:

  1. Captain
  2. Vice-Captain
  3. Wicket Keeper

These 3 positions will stay in their respective teams throughout the season only to be altered should there be any injuries or absences.

All other players available for the club to play any league match on the day will be chosen from a pool based on performances. The best 8 players balanced according to batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders will be allocated to the 1s and the next set of 8 to the 2s, then the 3s and then 4s.

Performances will be evaluated after every 3 league games where the good performers from the 2s will move up to the 1s and the lesser performers from the 1s will move down to the 2s. This process will be duly complied across all 4 teams.

This will give open opportunities and incentives for all players that perform and designate them in the standard of team they deserve to play for. In-turn we will eliminate the bias and favouritism out of cricket and every player will have an incentive to perform and in return be rewarded for it.

This policy was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED and will be in effect from the 2014 season on trial.

12. Ground Hire for 2014:
Dave Paddon has been dealing with ground hires this season and the same process will be followed next season where the Grounds in-charge will allocate dates and availability of our grounds as per his schedule. There is already interest from clubs to hire our grounds and with the exception of League Saturdays the grounds will again be put up for hire in 2014 where we shall expect revenue of between 4K to 6K keeping in mind our participation in the Middlesex Development League again in 2014 with 3 confirmed home games on Sundays.

These arrangements were UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

13. Leagues/Tournaments/MDL:
We shall be keeping the same structure in 2014 with 4 adult sides in Middlesex Championship and 1987 Leagues. The colt’s structure will also be repeated; however the winter cricket structure for colts shall be expanded across all age groups by entering 2 teams per age group. We will again be entering the Middlesex Development League in 2014 and due to popular demand from the 4s and 3s we will be enquiring whether we can arrange a schedule of friendly or competitive away games on Sundays for those that miss out on cricket on Saturdays. Karim Khan proposed Nadeem Chowdhury will be requested to arrange these games which will in-turn bring in more membership and involvement throughout the club.

All arrangements were UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

14. New Girls Team:
Osterley CC will for the first time in its history have a girls section. We shall be enrolling a girl’s side in Middlesex under 11’s set-up with the help of an affiliation with Ealing Three Bridge Primary School. This new achievement was widely welcomed and applauded across the members.

This arrangement was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

15. Determination of Annual Membership Fee + Kits:
We shall be keeping the same structure of our pricing policy going into 2014. Considering the season starts and ends in October every year:

– Adult fees will again be £100
– Colts fees will again be £60
– Subsidised subscription will again be £60

– Adults match fees will again be £10
– Colts match fees will again be £5 should they participate in Adult/open age cricket
– Colts match fee will again be £2 should they participate in colts league/cup matches

It was decided that once all exemption and subsidised cases are assessed by the committee a FULL COLLECTION of subs is to be made (100%) from all teams and colts. Similarly all captains shall now be responsible for paying in the full amount of weekly collections from their match fees. Those teams who fall short on the day shall need to be covered by their respective captains themselves. This means that at the end of each game the captain will give a full account with the complete figures that are to be expected from his team, on the day. It will be the captain’s responsibility to chase the players for missed or non-payments.

This arrangement was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED by all members and will be in effect from 2014 on trial.

16. Any other matters:

i.            The elected committee decided that performances shall now be awarded from 2014. Players will be given cash incentives or rewards for scoring fifties, centuries and taking five wicket hauls etc. Every player’s effort for the success of the team will now be rewarded going forward.

   ii.            Club nights to be held at every Thursday to bring the club back to its former glory. These club nights will be used to allocate teams for the weekend, help out with grounds work, practice and socialise with food and drink available to all members.

  iii.            The committee decided that exceptions in match fees and yearly subs payment will be decided by the committee and each case will be judged individually. These changes will reflect on the match fees and subs payments logs and the final decision will rest with the committee. Gratitude will be given to those that deserve.

iv.            Due to the new organisational structure and a new wave of club reform it was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED by all members that the club will consider to change its name. The financial situation of the club requires the committee to take such action and name considerations were taken into account to be able to start fresh on an empty canvas. Osterley Gymkhana and Osterley Social & Sports Club (OSSC) were the two most suited name changes keeping the historical “Osterley” prefix intact.

  v.            The committee decided to have the first meeting scheduled for next Friday the 20th of September 2013 where matters such as an amendment to the constitution, complete finance breakdowns, registration as a non-profit charity and change of name shall be discussed.

  vi.            Pledges were made to bring in new membership to the club and the following pledges were recorded:
– Abid Khan X10 New Members
– Dr. Ghulam Murtaza X10 New Members
– Vimal Odedra  X10 New Members
– Karim Khan X5 New Members
– Noor Khan X5 New Members

vii.            It was decided for the chairman to circulate a Newsletter underlining the current financial situation of the club along with an assessment of how to proceed with fixing the situation and getting to a stage where we can easily be self-sufficient and not rely on external investment.

viii.            Donations in shape of loans were given to the club by the new committee with an expectation to have them returned by the time the club can self-sustain its financial needs.
– Dr. Ghulam Murtaza (Chairman) donated £3000
– Mr. Abid Ali Khan (Treasurer) donated £2000
– Mr. Vimal Odedra (President) donated £2500
– Mr. Nadeem Chowdhury (Secretary) pledged over £2000
– Mr. Ahsan Iqbal (Junior Colts Coach) pledged £1000
– Mr. Ibrar Butt pledged sponsorship for a new electrical scoreboard

ix.            A club profile along with a PowerPoint presentation to be commissioned, detailing the aspirations and current climate of Osterley Cricket Club. This will be used to portfolio the club and propose new possible investors and suitors which will in-turn bring in more finance to better the facilities. This project is to be headed by new chairman Dr. Ghulam Murtaza.

17. The AGM was then closed.

*UPDATE* Section 16(i) Updated. Click This Link