Colts Managers Report

qaisarI took over the colts from July 2012 with less than 10 colts on our registers. I was appointed to be head coach by Omer and Shaheen to help us maintain our ClubMark status which in-turn allows us to pay a subsided rent and attracts more offers and compensations from the boards and communities.

We now have more than 70 new colts registered on our website for this season going into 2014 .Our five age groups of U11, to U21 participated in cup matches, indoor leagues and Middlesex colts league tournaments.

All age groups finished their leagues on top of the table in 2013 and progressed to higher divisions or were crowned champions. Our colts played 4 finals in different tournaments across Middlesex.

For the 2013 season we have had 8 different colts representing us in Borough and County Cricket across Middlesex and Ealing.

We had continuous colts training every week throughout the year. As a colts manager I kept complete records of attendances, risk assessments, session plans and all incident reporting. I have been fully up-to-date with training and compliance of ECB ClubMark keeping in mind I have also been given a role to be the Deputy Child Welfare Officer. I am deputy to Joyce where I am the first point of contact for the child and their parents in Joyce’s absence.

For the first time in the clubs history we now have a Girls Side that will participate in the U11 age group from next year thanks to our affiliation with Ealing Three Birdges Primary School.

I would like to say a special thanks to Noor Khan and Dave for helping me out with the transportation of colts during this season. And another thanks to some players who assisted me with coaching sessions. I am thankful to Zohaib, Usman, Sairm and Asad shah for waking up early every Sunday.

I am certain we will get more colts to register in the near future as we now have a robust system in place to deal with their numbers however it would be ideal to get more volunteers to help out from Osterley with the coaching sessions as it gets difficult for me to manage everything on my own while there are over 40 kids at the site at once. We also need more equipment and kits for coaching which I will be discussing with our treasurer soon.

With Regards,
Muhammad Qaisar.