Osterley CC AGM Oct 2012 – Minutes

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Minutes from Annual General Meeting 13 Oct 2012 – 19:00 to 22:00

1.          Shaheen Rizvi
2.          Noor Khan
3.          Omer Butt
4.          Karim Khan
5.          Waseem Khan
6.          Fawaz Qureshi
7.          Asad Rizvi
8.          Aman Buttar
9.          M. Qaiser
10.        Yaseen Khan
11.        Kamran Abbasi
12.        Yaseen Mughal
13.        Vic Carver
14.        Naeem Afzal
15.        Laeeq Ahmad
16.        Saeed Mehmood
17.        Mehboob Elahi
18.        Mandeep Sahi
19.        Shoaib Zafar
20.        Adeel Yasin
21.        Kashif Mehmood

The meeting was quorate with 10 Committee Members out of 11 members present.


1.         Co-Trustee: Shaheen invited Omer Butt to be his co-trustee. Omer Butt accepted and agreed to take up the responsibility as Co-Trustee. The club acknowledges his hard work and dedication towards the club and wishes him all the best in his new role.

2.         Assistance required from other members in the club: Club widely acknowledged Omer Butt’s and Dave Paddon’s efforts in all the improvement projects they have been involved in. Other members were also encouraged to participate and assist.

3.         Lease: Club has secured 25 years lease. Great effort by everyone involved.

4.         Club house improvement: Interior designer (Mrs. Zara Mehmood) has engaged to start working on Club house improvement works.

5.         Pride and Joy Day Nursery: Designated space for nursery is now agreed to rent out to Pride and Joy Day Nursery @£12,000/- pa.

6.         Club Rent: Due to the services provided (Coaching and Training Academy for colts etc) Club shall pay subsidised rent to Ealing Council. Annual rent £3,000/

7.         Chess Valley League; It is decided to enter Chess Valley League from next season.

8.         New Colts; 40 more colts are expected to join the Club through Heston Church.

9.         ECB grant; With Colts academy in place club is expected to receive ECB grant. Application to be processed by Shaheen and Omer.

10.       Promotion; MCL has given 8 point conditions before they can take the final decision for Osterley’s promotion:

– Alcohol Licence: Next door bar will be used. However it was agreed that we should apply for our full Licenced Bar asap.
– Lease: 25 years approved
– 3 years audit accounts: Last 2 years accounts will be provided because the 3rd years are not available and may be they are with Amar.
– Equipment: All club equipment has been logged and audited
– Club Mark: Club Mark does not expire until January 2013 but the renewal process is also nearly completed
– Grounds man qualification: Completed – Dave, Qaiser and Yaseen. Harvard also qualified as external assistant
– Institute of groundsman visit: Inspector visited and sample has been sent to the laboratory.

11.       Previous AGM; All committee members and Captains were selected but no previous minute’s record available

12.       Finance: Club has used £5000/- overdraft to clear outstanding rent.

– Subs should be collected before end of June next season
– New website/lease will help getting sponsors
– Non-paying members will not play a single game. Only committee shall decide if some exceptions to be made on player conditions.
– Subs to be collected from 50 adults and 40 Colts. Captains to collect (Cheque, Online or Cash) and maintain records.

13.       Club Mark Renewal: Renewal will be addressed on 31st October

14.       Coaching development plan

– Qaiser to plan the training sessions.
– Get help from other clubs to draft development plan required for club mark.
– Mehboob to speak to Aneel at Gymkhana

15.       New Constitution 2012 Version 4

Asim Proposed
– Fawaz second
– Unanimously approved

16.       4th XI Captain Asim Balouch: Unanimously approved and elected

17.      Club President: Shaheen recommended Lord Young. Club to approach him formally

18.      Chairman: Shaheen Rizvi : Unanimously approved and elected

19.      Club Secretary: Fawaz Qureshi

Shaheen recommended
– Waseem purposed
– Unanimously approved and elected

20.       Treasurer: Waseem Khan

– Laeeq purposed
– Omer second
– Unanimously approved and elected

21.        Colts Manager: Qaiser

– Shaheen purposed
– Asim second
– Unanimously approved and elected

22.        Child Welfare Officer: Joyce

– Laeeq purposed
– Omer second
– Unanimously approved and elected

23.        Club House Incharge: Karim Khan

– Laeeq purposed
– Fawaz second
– Unanimously approved and elected

24.        Bar Manager: Yaseen Khan: To keep records for soft drinks.

25.        1st Team Captain: Laeeq Ahmad

– Mandeep purposed
– Karim Khan second
– Unanimously approved and elected

26.        2nd Captain Omer Butt

– Laeeq purposed
– Shaheen second
– Unanimously approved and elected

27.       3rd Team Captain: Dave Paddon

– Shaheen purposed
– Noor second
– Unanimously approved and elected

28.        Executive Members: Asad Rizvi, Noor Khan

– Laeeq purposed
– Omer second
– Unanimously approved and elected

The Meeting was then closed.

OsterleyCC-LogoOriginal Meeting Agenda Distributed on Sat 06/10/2012 at 21:02

• 1.   Opening of Meeting
• 2.   Apologies
• 3.   Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
• 4.   Chairman’s Report
• 5.   Presentation of Treasurer’s statement
• 6.   Administrator’s Report on Club mark
• 7.   Colts’ Managers Report
• 8.   Report of Grounds Incharge
• 9.   Adoption of Constitution as per ECB
• 10. Election of:
– President
– Chairman
– Secretary
– Treasurer
– Colts Manager
– Child Welfare Officer
– Assistant Child Welfare Officers
– Club-House Incharge
– Bar Manager
– 1st Team Captain
– 2nd Team Captain
– 3rd Team Captain
– 4th Team Captain
– Two Executive Committee Members
• 11.  Appointment of a Disciplinary Committee
• 12.  Appointment of any Sub-Committees
• 13.  Sunday League/Tournaments
• 14.  Vote of thanks to outgoing Executive
• 15.  Determination of Annual Membership Fee
• 16.  Any other matters
• 17.  Closure of AGM